Congratulations! You have successfully registered your team for post league play.



1. Players must have a current USTA membership throughout the event.

2. Players must have a minimum of two matches played to be eligible to participate.  A maximum of one default received will count as a match played.

3. If a player qualifies for two or more teams at the same NTRP level, the individual must declare which team he or she will represent.  In the absence of a declaration, the first match played will determine which team he or she will represent.

4. Captains need to pick up and fill in their match scorecard at the onsite event desk 30 minutes prior to the start of the match.  All players MUST be available and ready to play once the scorecard is turned in.  If courts are available matches may go on earlier than the scheduled time. 

Please contact Mary Gastro if you have any questions regarding your registration.

See you around the courts!

Ali Ordonez
Coordinator, USTA/SCTA Adult Leagues